About Cookies
We use cookies, pixel tags (pixels), and local storage technologies to make our website user-friendly and the overall experience more personal for everyone. We wish this section will help you understand why such technologies are used and how to control or delete them.

What are Cookies?
Almost each and every website uses cookies today. We also use cookies to make sure your experience is better, faster, and safer. Cookies are small text files which are stored in your device (i.e., computers or smartphones) when you visit a website. Cookies can be stored in your device through your browser when you visit a website for the first time. When you make a return visit to the same website with the same device, your browser checks to see if your device already has a cookie assigned for it. If there is, the browser will forward the data within the file to the website. As a result, the website will recognize you and control the content you will receive.

Why are Cookies Used?
Some cookies will allow the website to remember the preferences from your previous visits and make sure your future-visits on the website are more user-friendly and personalized.

Controlling and Deleting Cookies
You can change cookie preferences or delete them altogether by changing your browser settings.

Many browsers help users control cookies by offering options to allow or reject cookies, allow only a certain type of cookies or be notified when a website is asking to store cookies on a device. Users can also delete previously stored cookies on their devices.

Processes in regard to controlling and deleting cookies may show differences according to the browser used. You can find below the instructions on how to control or delete cookies on some popular browsers:

Cookies We Use
Our cookies will never process data that will verify your identity. Our website includes pixel tags from Google, Facebook, Linked, Kenshoo, and Twitter.