Cardiology – Cardiovascular Surgery
Cardiovascular diseases such as vascular occlusions, heart attacks, and heart failures are considered the leading cause of death in the world. Therefore, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases require high technology and experienced specialists.

Cardiovascular Surgery is one of the most dynamic specialties of medicine and it is subject to continuous development. The Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic offers quality services in diagnosis and treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases.

Our hospital is fully equipped to implement all kinds of cardiovascular surgical procedures. The Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic works in coordination with related departments and intensive care unit. Our clinic operates 24 hours nonstop and oversees the implementation of immediate treatment to patients who arrive under emergency conditions; we are able to perform all kinds of cardiovascular surgical procedures including invasive cardiological advances such as angio, angioplasty, and stent placement.

The Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic is located on the third floor of Akademi Hospital. The unit has a capacity of 13 beds. Each bed has its own “head wall trunk” which includes necessary gases, nurse call, and lighting.

Our operating rooms are designed exclusively for cardiovascular surgical procedures; they are suitable for open-heart surgeries. They work integrated with the intensive care unit; they are located on the same floor.

The intensive care unit has a capacity of 3 beds. Here, the treatment of postoperative patients, diagnosis and treatment of emergency patients, cardiac rehabilitation, and the follow up of long-term and demanding patients are implemented. Monitorization system includes all necessary features to observe open-heart surgery patients; if needed, it can be extended with additional equipment.

Patients who go through 3-4 hour cardiovascular surgical operations in our hospital are kept in the intensive care unit for 1-2 days and are discharged from the hospital within 5-7 days.

We oversee the implementation of cardiovascular surgical procedures of every patient who benefit from social insurance. Patients who have private health insurance are also treated.

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The Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic in Akademi Hospital offers services to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases and aims to protect heart health. It is fully equipped with technological devices and aims to provide its patients with the most accurate results and diagnosis as well as the implementation of accurate treatment plan. With a body of experienced specialists and staff, Akademi Hospital takes necessary steps in early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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