Intensive Care and Reanimation
Every patient whose vital functions are impaired to carry life-threatening risks is defined as a critical patient.

What is Intensive Care Unit?
It is a department that is specially designed, equipped with high-tech medical devices and specially trained medical personnel, with the privilege of other hospital services in terms of medical treatment and patient care. Intensive Care Units can be described briefly as hospitals within the hospital. In private Kocaeli Academy Hospital, there are four intensive care units under the names Neonatal, Cardiovascular, Coronary and General Intensive Care.

How is Intensive Care Environment?
Intensive Care is a very mobile environment. A lot of cables, plastic tubes, serums and medical devices are around to be managed by medical staff. Heart rate of the patient, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, vital signs, including body temperature monitors showing continuous, ventilator to provide artificial respiration support when needed, liquid and are the most important perfused they medical device for drug administration.

Who is the Critical Patient?
Critically ill patients are defined as those whose disease or trauma survival function is further deteriorated or who are at any time risk of deterioration.

  1. Heart attack, rhythm disorders
  2. Brain bleeds
  3. Poisoning
  4. Severe respiratory failure
  5. Severe trauma
  6. Patients are followed up in the intensive care unit when close observation is needed during the collection period after major operations.

In critically ill patients, vital functions such as respiration and circulation are often supported by advanced devices and modern treatment methods. Support needs but the overall state of ‘non-critical patients can be disrupted at any moment near continuous basis without delay the necessary interventions can be made and kept under surveillance.

Akademi Hospital Intensive Care and Reanimation Department has advanced technological infrastructure and owns advanced intensive care units. These intensive care units are equipped with a technological infrastructure that supports the illness 24 hours a day with multidisciplinary approach.