The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Academy Hospital is trying to restore the form and functions of any part of the body in deformities due to illness, accident or congenital anomalies in the human body. Akademi Hospital aims to offer you the best service and treatment in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by working with specialist doctors.

Plastic surgery used this procedure with the intention to improve the appearance of a person. The term “plastic” derives from the “plasticos” which means “shaping” in ancient Greek. Plastic surgical operations have been practiced since the Indian and Roman civilizations centuries ago.

What is Aesthetic Surgery / Reconstructive Surgery?

Aesthetic surgery is applied to reshape normal structures of the body to improve the appearance and self-confidence of the person. But he can never turn back time; can not create a new “you”. It can only be a positive contribution to your appearance and to making you feel good.

Reconstructive surgery includes surgeries, traumas, infections, tumors or other abnormalities that occur in the body due to congenital and developmental disorders, and surgery is done in order to achieve a normal appearance and function.


Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetics earlobe

Face lift

Hair planting

Aesthetic Nose

Breast aesthetics

Body Aesthetics



Rebuilding and Repair

Hand Surgery


Facial Fractures

Diabetic Wounds

Stretching Tummy


Laser Lipolysis

Botox Filler