One of the most important stages in our lives is sleeping. Our sleep quality is very effective both in terms of effective and healthy life. To ensure the proper development and regular sleep is necessary to make the necessary examinations and diagnoses in the human anatomy and in order to ensure that the regular and sufficient sleep necessary for proper development is better and protected. Most people do not realize that sleep disorders affect their health and the appearance of the disease. These problems need to be investigated in the early stages of the occurrence using the right methods and equipment to identify and prevent them.

Academy Hospital is working with the advanced technological equipment to give the best results to our patients. Our Sleep Laboratory are connected to our Polyclinic Chest Diseases, carries out the necessary tests by providing a convenient and comfortable environment.

Device for testing sleep polysomnography and connected throughout the night, with the patient in order to take a sleep disorder and severity of apnea during sleep.

In our Sleep Laboratory, which is connected to our Chest Diseases Polyclinic for the diagnosis and treatment of SLEEP APNEA, which many people are unaware of, affecting the quality of life and causing serious risks to our health, SLEEP TEST is being done;


1.Sleep EEG (Sleep Stages)
2.EKG (Heart Electrode)
3.EMG (Foot Motion)
4.EOG (Eye Movements)
5.Respiratory Movements
6.Oxygen Quantity on the Side
8.Respiratory Durations
9.Jaw Movements are diagnosed and treated.