Sound and audiology unit


  • audiogram clear sound
  • audiogram speech-interview
  • children complete audiogram – free (game) audiometry
  • high frequency audiogram

The hearing situation is determined according to the answers given by the person and it is the most frequently used hearing tests. The aim is to determine the lowest volume (hearing threshold) that both ears can hear at different frequencies (thin and thick sounds).

In private separate cabins that do not emit sound, the answers are provided by patients on different voices and vocal voices are recorded by using audiometry device via microphone. The reaction of patients to certain sounds that are emitted, determined to say the assessment of the type and level of hearing loss. At the same time, special tests can be applied such as understanding speech, distinguishing sound of voice, and understanding in noise.

The results of these tests are marked on a table called an audiogram.

Audiological tests can be performed with different techniques depending on the age of the patient and the type of the disease. Different techniques have been developed for adults and children. Just this test is not adequate and sufficient for determining the importance of balancing and diagnosis of hearing diseases. Evaluation should be done with objective tests that are not dependent on the patient’s behavior, and subjective tests that depend on the behavior of the patient and the observation of the clinician.

Akademi Hospital offers the best and high quality service to its patients with its technologically advanced sub-platform. With this infrastructure, the comfort of our patients is maximized and the best treatment methods are used.


It is the test to measure the pressure of the middle ear. Its application is very easy, it can even be done with babies. The eardrum must not be punctured in order to be measured. The pressure in the middle ear is measured with a probe inserted thru the external ear. As a result, a graph and a pressure value are obtained. In this graph, normally there is a peak point and this peak point must be 0. If there is a peak, but not over 0, it means that the pressure is low and there is a slight collapse in the membrane. If there are no peaks, the pressure has dropped too much and there is a lot of collapse in the membrane. It is regarded as normal value between -50 and +50 as the pressure value. Pressure drops is present in infection of the middle ear and nasal problems due to flesh or allergies that are most commonly seen in children.
With the advanced medical infrastructure of the Academy Hospital, this test is carried out easily and comfortably. You can learn the information about this topic and the details you want to ask from our specialist physicians in our hospital.

Video Stroboscopy

Videostroboscopy is the examination of the voice lines and larynx with the aid of a special device. In our hospital, this is done by our ENT specialist. Like every department supported by the advanced modern medical infrastructure, also in this department Akademi Hospital offers the most efficient method of diagnosis and treatment. We use the necessary methods and technological devices to minimize the discomfort that our patients are hearing during the procedure and reach the right result.