The Department of Radiology in the Akademi Hospital has a body of leading specialists in their field. It is fully equipped with technological devices and aims to provide its patients with the most accurate results and diagnosis as well as the implementation of accurate treatment plan.

Radiology is medicinal specialty which uses radiant energy (x-rays) to diagnose and treat of certain diseases. The methods include ultrasound, CT (computerized tomography or cat scan), MR (magnetic resonance), PET (positson emission tomography), mammography, and fluoroscopy. Radiant energy is also used in nuclear medicine. These methods help the diagnoses by providing the opportunity to screen the disease. They are also helpful for disease treatments because screening during surgical operations reduces the harm.

Ultrasound Methods

  1. Ultrasonography:
    This method uses sound waves instead of x-rays. Ultrasonography is used to scan the abdominal visceral organs for stones, tumors and masses. Examination of urinary and gynecological systems are also done via ultrasonography. It doesn’t have side effects.
  2. Doppler Ultrasonography:
    This method is employed to scan veins.
  3. Tomography:
    Tomography was conceived by the French physician André Bocage in 1915. This method is employed for imaging sections of organs. The images can be as thin as 1mm and as thick as 10mm. Tomography helps to produce three-dimensional images or organs. Tomography and CT (computerized tomography or cat scan) are the same thing. Tomography continually develops along with the developing technology. The radiation dose keeps decreasing but the image quality keeps getting better.