2001 Transition of establishment and activity
2002 – 2003 HMO realization of the first project in Turkey. AKADEMI CARD is the life insurance of private health insurance.
2004 Being one of the first private hospitals to receive TSE EN ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certificate
2005 – 2006 SGK members start to serve in all branches
2008 Beauty Center Start of activity of our Unit in hospital
2009 Attachment of KVC branch and the first open heart surgery
2010 Renovation of operating theater and intensive care units. Number of beds increased to 48, Intensive Care Unit’s number of beds increased to 14.
2010 Anjio has been an activity of the unit.
2014 New hospital opening


With an institutional identity, using the best infrastructure, medical equipment and modern technology, experienced and güler faced, is to serve patient rights respect.


Kocaeli is also the first to come to mind, reliable, quality and affordable health care services.


AKADEMI HOSPITAL, established as the first full-fledged private hospital of IZMIT in 2001, was aware that it had an important responsibility.

On the way we went out with the mission of “providing reliable, high quality and economical service“, we had subordinate duties such as introducing private hospitals in the city, educating qualified health workforce and keeping IZMIT. Important advances on our way:

In 2001, we went on 8 roads with 23 physicians, today we are continuing our way with 24 physicians and 40 physicians.

The new hospital building passing on the D-100 highway serves 12,500 m2 area. Our hospital, which has a capacity of 114 beds, serves 1,100 people a day with this size.

With the trust and confidence they have heard in our institution, we offer our gratitude to KOCAELI PEOPLE who made us “City Hospital” who always let us come to our business with the excitement of the first day. So we know that in the coming decades, “SURE YOU HAVE”.

Best regards,
Kubilay KIRMAN
Chairman of the Board of Directors